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MIS Advance Excel Online Course

Our Advanced Excel course helps you learn more about Microsoft Excel and how to use it for your business needs. In this course, you will learn various techniques to manipulate and save data from Microsoft excel. Our system also gives you the best online advanced Excel Learn functions and formulas, which will be very helpful in your work.
This training module will provide you with knowledge on how to do pivot tables, drop-down menus, and how to perform complex functions such as sorting and grouping. The course also includes information on how to perform mathematical calculations. These courses are beneficial for any business owner who needs to have access to these functions when required. The modules are designed by experts in the field and come with full explanations to learn the program as if you were a professional instructor.
Our course helps you utilize Microsoft Office applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and many more. The system provides you with training modules that include tutorials, demonstrations, and practice sets. The training modules help you to enhance your skills in using Microsoft Office applications and understanding its basics. You are also provided with detailed explanations of the functions used in the software.
Our course helps you develop essential skills such as communication skills, teamwork skills, presentation skills, spreadsheet skills, data management skills, and data analysis skills. The training provided by our course comes with the first three modules. The modules help you become knowledgeable on how to use the ribbon, create charts, and insert graphics. You will also learn about macros and how to use them to customize the looks of your worksheets. The training modules also give you practice on how to enter data and save the data in Excel.
Our training course includes training modules which focus on the fundamentals of using Microsoft Office. In other words, you learn about the application’s interface and about how to open it. You are also given practice on how to create a document in different fonts and different sizes. Further, you are taught how to insert graphics and to change the background color of the worksheet. The course also includes modules on creating tables and how to add headers and footers to the worksheet. You also get to practice entering text into a cell by using the appropriate Microsoft Office tools such as the Word macro.
Our advanced Excel course helps you to develop essential business skills such as cost management and inventory control. We have designed this course so that no matter your level of experience in Excel, you can easily understand the modules. For beginners, there are plenty of practice sheets included in the training course. These test the skills you have been learning and refresh them every week. Practicing the new skills will enable you to become more familiar with the worksheet and with Excel in general.
Our advanced Excel course comes with several other valuable features as well. First of all, it comes with a series of online video tutorials that offer step-by-step instructions on using the modules in Excel. There are also various cheat sheets that you can access that give you a quick view of how the training course is progressing. A host of support tools make sure that you can track any problem you may encounter while you are still in the training course. Our support service is free for the first 30 days that you have availed of this training course.
Our advanced Excel course helps you develop more powerful formulas and functions essential for financial analysis. Moreover, the training courses teach you how to prepare and customize charts and graphs and how to work with macros. All these features make the training courses truly valuable for those already using Microsoft Excel in their professional lives.

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